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3rd album - I'm a poet and an artist - OUT NOW

2nd album - watch us rise - 2022

1st album - my darkest hour - 2021

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About me

Kur$ed, is a 39 year old rapper

Spoken Word Poet, songwriter and producer from Perth, Western Australia

I am a Spoken Word Poet/Rap artist and I write from the point of view of outcasts and misfits, the lost and the broken, the black sheep and black ducks, a run down drug addict and my road to a sober life, im bringing a new perspective and insight to a life i’ve lived and incisive wit to my tales of relationships gone so very horribly wrong. With a rap voice and making my own beats i’m trying to bring it all with being a complete independent artist. I combine a vintage sound with modern material to be a thrilling effect and a pleasurable experience with sometimes the added ‘Krazy’ songs to show all sides of myself.

I hope you the listener, my family can feel what i’m trying to put out with all aspects of my music.

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